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I am glad you stopped by. My name is Bukky

My intention for this site is to provide you with the information, inspiration and quite frankly the ‘get up and do it because you can’ motivation to live a life doing what you love! Or are good at, or better still good at and love!

One of the courses I developed for new businesses is my Package Your Expertise and Profit program to help you use your God given talents and gifts to make a great living! I also have the Saturday Workshop to help female entrepreneurs get great results from their limited time.

You see, I have been there. I transitioned from working the ‘9-5’, although it was much more like ‘5-9’ to discovering my true purpose. I want to help you find yours, design your value driven business…..and on your own terms

As well as this site, I am the founder of julianmiles –  a personal development company where we offer coaching, mentoring and training to a diverse clientele. I spent several years as a Business Mentor for Princes Trust, working with passionate entrepreneurs at the start of their journeys. I also served as an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor for more established businesses in public and private sectors.

From my love of tech, telling stories and providing a voice for others, I founded ReAfrica, a digital platform that aims to reveal the best of African culture, entrepreneurship and technology .

I wrote Plan Your Life because I wanted to create a practical, workable manual for personal transformation. Get your copy here, it is an immediate download and you can start your journey of transformation and success right away.

Essentially, I offer business coaching programs for entrepreneurs;  developing powerful and effective strategies to achieve business goals, have more productivity and make more money!

I have been on the entrepreneurial  journey for a while now, working with amazing people and look forward to working with you.  

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