They say that customer is king, but you are a kingmaker!

A kingmaker is someone who has great power and influence in the choice of a ruler.

In your business you have the potential to provide solutions to your client which can make a real difference to their lives.

Your ideal client is to be treated as a king because you want to communicate that you value them. You have spent the time to know them, and are 'Packaging Your Expertise' accordingly. You understand that they are not a sale, but they are a relationship into which you invest your offer.

Remember, we have often talked about the fact that the product or services you offer is (or should be!) designed to solve a challenge or problem your client is facing. It is not a business if you are offering something you like or think would be a ‘good idea’ to make. It is a business when you find those people who are willing to take you up on your offer and buy from you!

How do you find this people? And when you find them, how do you get them to buy?

Well the answer to those questions is what modern day marketing continues to search answers for.

There are different strategies that you could employ depending on your business including: blogging, content marketing, guest blogging, podcasts, videos, SEO, advertising, social media and digital marketing. The list goes on

In Packaging Your Expertise, we focus on what you do to attract your ideal client.

ideal client in business

FIRSTLY you need clarity on your WHY.  

What is your vision for the business, why behind the what and how you do business? Identify the reason behind your vision.

SECONDLY Who fits your why?

Who is your target market, your ideal client?

Everyone is not your client.

Seth Godin

Who is your client, and where do they go to look for a solution to their problems? Where do they hang out online and offline? (I don’t mean go and stalk them in their favourite restaurant by the way )

THIRDLY What do the need to believe about you and your product or service before they will buy?

Is it that you are trustworthy, you offer great value, you share similar values……..

Then you go on to develop a relationship based on trust that outlasts a sale cycle. Remember that old adage, treat people as you would like to be treated? I don't like to receive a ton of emails particularly when I am trying to make up my mind about a significant purchase.

If you don't like the overload of information, don't do the same to your ideal client. There are enough people in business who do that and will attract the type of people who don’t mind. If you mind, then be mindful of how treat your client.

After all you are working with a king

Now let me know what resonates the most with you. What is your best way to reach your ideal client.