why you shouldn't wait to start in business

Why you shouldn't wait to start in business.

People need your expertise, it is time to package it!

Have you noticed the spate of entrepreneurs that are coming up today? There are start-ups are from a wide range of industries including creative, nutrition, lifestyle, technology, health and well being. The list is highly extensive! You have expertise in an area which people are looking for answers.

Expertise is defined as having specific skill and knowledge in a particular field.

You might be thinking no one needs my expertise

What I see everyday that is being searched for on Google is sentences that start with ‘How’

How to make……

How to find……

How do I get……

How do I do…..


Get clarity and focus on your potential to create a business with your expertise. A strategy session is the most important conversation you will have regarding your business start-up and its future success!


start in business


People are looking for answers and chances are, you have some of it.

You have a solution to someone else's challenge or problem.

Have you, like me been searching for the answer to an issue and automatically reached for the phone to search the internet

How did we ever survive without the internet?

There is some solution somewhere and I am grateful that someone took the time to put their knowledge or expertise out there to answer my question or teach me what I needed to know.

Like the time my friend left his car in my driveway as he went on holiday. When it came time to ‘turn the engine’, I couldn't figure out how to use a keyless ignition! But for the help of an ‘expert’ on Audi, by way of a youtube video, I would have been stuck!

Now I know that is not specific enough, but I could just as easily been searching for someone to teach me how to ‘Use Instagram for Making Profit in my Online Business’ or ‘Develop Marketing Products for my campaign’ or ‘Teach my son the piano’ or ‘Create a website’.

Take a moment to think about what you might consider to be your expertise. Remember I said this does not mean you are perfect at it. It means you have a high level skill in a particular area which would benefit someone else or provide a solution to their problem.

Can you teach?

Can you train?

Can you develop?

Can you write?

Can you design?

Can you code?

Can you draw?

Can you sell?

Can you make?

Can you coach?

Can you speak?

Can you perform any of the above with a high level of skill?

In your current job or role, can you see how you can transfer the skills you use everyday into a start up of your own where you use your particular high level skill to meet the needs of your clients.

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