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No doubt you have some opinions about goal setting. Some people talk about goals in relation to their new year resolutions and some feel

You are likely to be familiar with the process of goal setting and used the SMART acronym. specific or significant measurable or meaningful, attainable or action oriented, realistic, relevant, rewarding, and time bound or traceable 

In business setting goals is important for several reasons, the main one being that it gives you clarity. The mind of an entrepreneur is one that sees opportunity everywhere. We have many ideas swirling around in our head, we come across potential business ideas regularly and it takes some discipline to sit with one of those ideas to bring it fruition. And then within that business idea is the elements involved in setting up, and developing a business. 

The biggest by product of goal setting IS clarity. 


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Clarity prepares us to see our end goal and having specific goals helps to clarify what we want to achieve

Clarity  create momentum. when it is clear what steps are required, we take action and move it along success just doesn’t happen - in life and certainly not in business.

Create a big picture of your business - the large scale goals you want to achieve 

Break these down into smaller targets that  are achievable within your allotted resources of time, capability and capacity.

Part of the coaching process is setting positive, effective, achievable goals which fit in with your highest priorities 


One client wanted to create a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is an area that is equally important and potentially overwhelming and worse still distracting. There can be a steep learning curve  anything from mastering Instagram algorithms, finding the best twitter chat, creating converting Facebook ads, joining Pinterest groups and finding the best email provider.


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Which platform? 10 questions to ask

  1. Where is your target market?

  2. Where do they hang out the most?

  3. When do they hang out there?

  4. What language do they speak?  

  5. What are they looking for? Inspiration, Information or Aspiration?

  6. What type of content do they consume?

  7. How do they consume it?

  8. What can you commit to?

  9. What do you have in time and resource to commit?

  10. Where could you offer the most value?               



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