I challenged myself and others to 'do something different' in their business and of course I had to take the lead and do something myself! I obviously had not fully thought it through. My challenge was to go on to Facebook (you can see them here) and record a live video everyday, which for many of you reading this is an absolute doddle! Well not so much for me. (which is why I only did 5 days!)

We all have an area that we are not comfortable with. Getting on camera, like public speaking is a huge fear for many people, and while I have done a bit of 'public speaking' to audiences of varying sizes and ages, the camera was a whole other ball game! However I knew it had to be done, just as you know it has to be done for you and your business.

How to take on a challenge.

Think about what challenges you in business. Imagine how things would be different if only you would just embrace the challenge. My friend kindly tells me to 'get over myself and just do it' In the spirit of friendship I say to you as well......

Just do it


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Why you should take on a challenge.

Whenever you are faced with a new challenge it invariably involves learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and certainly gaining a greater understanding of yourself and your capabilities.

It changes you.

It prepares you to take on harder challenges.

It makes you grow as a person.

Growing as a person means you learn to make better choices, see and take greater opportunities for your business.


“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

 – Jim Rohn


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