This post is about focus.  As entrepreneurs, focus needs to be our friend. With the scale of activities we engage in for our business, we could get overwhelmed (read how not to here) and lose focus. Here are some tips that could work for you

Review your goals

Get out your goals list. You don't have one? Well make one or several. Or you might call it your business targets. I am a fan of  the post it personally. Because of the colours and also because I like to make a pile of things I have done in my ‘done’ pile. Check your goals list and streamline it. What is your priority today, this hour, or this week? Focus on those and make sure you get it boxed off, ticked or placed in your ‘done’ list. Looking back at what you have accomplished does wonders for your energy and focus

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Test your information

Use what you know. We have a habit sometimes of trying to accumulate a lot of information. We love STUFF, storing information that we feel we will use sometime in the future?? Well, the best thing to do is to use the information you have now, test it to see if it actually improves your business. If it does use it keep it, and repeat.  If if doesn't, discard. 

Something else I believe would make a difference:

Make routine your friend

Many of us entrepreneurs love the freedom to create, be in the moment and be spontaneous but the danger of that is we are all over the place and we don't create those necessary routines that we need for success. Create schedules that work for you. Some people like to organise themselves on paper. Others might use a digital version. Whichever you prefer, get it scheduled, get it done.