There is no one size fits all marketing strategy. There is a however a unique combination of activities which will produce the best results for your business. Unique because it suits your business model and provides value for your clients.

What works in your business? Who is your target market and where would you find them? Not everyone lives on Instagram so when there is a shiny new Instagram course, how to get 5,000 followers in 5days on Instagram pops up in front of you, don't be led down that rabbit hole. Now if Instagram is where your potential clients are then great. When you know that you can create a powerful Instagram marketing plan that will create awareness of your brand and convert into clients

Secondly what is a plan that you can commit to? It is one thing to have a great marketing plan to engage customers, it is quite another to consistently implement it. So consider an area that you find easier or you naturally gravitate to. There are different ways to communicate with them but find your voice and not someone else’s and use it. People will connect more to you being authentic than trying all different but ineffective methods.


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There are various ways to attract leads - depending on the strategy you go with. You could be doing your social media marketing, email marketing, networking, referrals, Facebook ads and so on. How do you know which will work for your particular business without getting overwhelmed or wearing yourself thin?

My role is to help you not just create a plan but also work it: Contact me for conversation that will help you deal with any overwhelm, or confusion over what marketing strategy will work for your business.



A strategy session is the most important conversation you will have regarding your business and its future success! 

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