choose wisely

When we surround ourselves with positive people, we clear away the negativity that exists around us and create more room to welcome nurturing and renewed energy. Doing this not only enriches our lives, but also envelops us in a supportive and healing space that fosters greater growth, understanding, and love of ourselves  - as well as those we care about.

We are so influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. It’s nearly impossible to rise to your own personal greatness if you aren’t surrounding yourself with people who are doing the same.

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Not everyone understands what you are doing so sometimes you can get worn down but those who believe in you whether they understand or not, believe in you and your ability to get the results you need. 

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choose wisely bukky olaleye

Unfortunately, not everyone pushes us to be better. Some people stop us from following our dreams or talk us out of taking a risk, and we don’t always realize that it’s happening.

So it’s important to be aware and consciously choose who we spend time with, to limit spending time with toxic people.

Follow your dreams and reach your goals this new year.