In this video I am talking about competitors, unique selling proposition and imposter syndrome.

You will agree with me that any business plan will tell you to think about and list your competitors generally in terms of their weakness and strengths so that you can somehow locate where your business is.

For your research, you might look at how easy their customer experience is - you might decided that their website is too clunky and not at all easy to navigate. You test how user friendly it is or perhaps if it is an Eccomerce site, where you ask how many clicks before you were able to purchase?

My question is beyond comparing yourself to another business, what is it that makes you different? What will get you to the point of saying 'my business is not the same as any other business' not because they are better or worse but because I am different 



What makes the difference is you and what you value. What you consider to be important in the treatment of people in general is what will reflect in your customer service, human resource, processes and communication. 

Firstly How you would like to be treated 

Many of us are discerning customers and have certain expectations from our buying experience. We don't want bad service, bad food, delayed flights, rude customer service agents, or companies calling us to talk to us about an accident they think we had 2 years ago. We don't want that, so let us not disrespect, mistreat or abuse our clients 

Secondly - how is your personality reflected in your business? There is a high likelihood that elements of you will shape the business and that you will attract your ideal client because of your authenticity. That word again right - I have a simple definition for authenticity- be (that is act like who you say you are. Match the actions and non actions with the words. I also see authenticity as the antidote to the dreaded imposter syndrome. 

You cannot be an imposter when you are being you.