Get better at selling

Selling is probably the most challenging part of any business. It is not the most exciting aspect for most people although there are many others who actually thrive in those situations. If however you are part of the former, that is, you like to learn more stuff, spend time on your website, fine tune your product or offering, get pretty pictures for your Instagram account and so on instead of actually selling, well I thought we might look at a couple of things that may help the process.

You can enjoy selling to when you recognise that you are meeting a need, providing a solution and adding value.

First is Be prepared

Plan in advance how you will bring the sales conversation to a natural conclusion and conversion.  This means recognising when is the most appropriate moment and this involves practising. Knowing the right time comes with time.

Begin with the end in mind - read more here from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits

We have talked in the past about beginning with the end in mind. The habit of beginning with the end in mind involves setting a goal for your conversation or series of conversations as the case may be. If you plan and prepare for a specific outcome from the sales conversation in advance, then you more likely to get there.

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Be proactive .

When it comes to handling objections, it is important to be proactive. Handle objections even before they come.

Your job is to provide a solution to that need, an answer to that question. However by asking the right questions, you not only know their needs, you can tailor the solution to meet those needs and in the same vein handle any potential objections. 

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How to sell better

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