In this video I am talking about 'refining your why'

You have a lot to offer 

And once you key in to the reason why you are doing what you are doing you are propelled forward into service of others. 

You know what it takes and  you work hard to build your enterprise. Hard work.  but it is hard work that is do able, that is fun, inspiring and motivational. It is motivational because you don't know who you are inspiring daily by simply following your why 

There are people waiting for you to connect your WHY, find out how to serve them


Watch video below


The best way to let go of your comfort zone is by connecting with your why    


Have the courage of your convictions - by virtue of being an entrepreneur you are already bucking the trend. By that I mean you are taking a path that is less taken. Your why convinces you to build your business so have the courage to do what it takes and make it happen

Answering the question 'what do you want to do'? is tied in with your why. Everyone has a why

Do and do it afraid. I shared with you very briefly last week how setting and accepting the challenge to do daily videos was a definite challenge for me. Some people do this everyday and they are fine - but for me it is so out of my comfort zone. But I know I have to do it anyway because it is directly linked to my why.

Because I have made my way so strong, I almost have no choice but to do it and do it afraid  

Discover your WHY and begin the journey of your what