We are talking specific things about our business today.

We want to be strategic about what we other and how we offer it. 

We want to talk about being strategic in what we offer and also in our messaging. 

So today we are looking at the questions to ask when structuring our offer 

Who is it for?

Why do they need it?

Your client has a particular challenge which is why they come to you. But they can go to someone else. They come to you because you know them enough to anticipate their needs beyond their current need. You can offer a service or product that  

a) Solves their immediate problem or you could .....

b) Anticipate their next challenge and create a solution for that

Listen to the video below to learn how to serve your clients better.


Watch video below


You will serve your clients better when you learn about or anticipate what they need before they are aware of it.

I have heard it said that Steve Jobs knew that people needed the Iphone long before they ever  did.

This is the level that we too must operate if we want to get and keep our ideal clients

Use this handy template to create great content for your clients