A strategy is a way of describing how you are going to get things done in your company. It is your big HOW. From a strategic plan you can develop an action plan which will detail the specifics of what you will do. This how you begin the process of implementation.

As you can imagine you  will have different strategies for your business and at different times too. - it could be anything from your marketing to financial goals, each strategy will give you an overall direction of where you want to take your business

What is the goal, what are the opportunities and what are the available resources 

Goals will define what is to be achieved and provide information as to what not to pursue 

Your sales strategy could be to reach a goal of increasing revenue by 50% in the next 12 months. You want to hit a balance between realistic (and achievable) and challenging enough to keep you motivated and having the momentum to keep going strong. You also want to be realistic because you are working within a competitive environment that affects your decisions.





Questions to ask

What will you do?

What will you not do? EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT OF NO 1

What are the parameters of this strategy? 

How will you do it ?

When will it be done by?

Who will do it?

Who else will be involved?

Does the strategy contribute to the business mission? 

Does it further the overall business objectives? 

How will it be measured and evaluated? 

Bukky Olaleye