Start-ups—are generally seen as the hotbeds of innovation, but even small businesses can run the risk of becoming stagnant or appear lacking in innovation. There are small businesses that are not in the tech community or creative space or industries that are generally known for sharing of ideas and innovation.

For example those of us in the service industry may have to be a bit more intentional as innovation is crucial to the success of a business in the early stages, businesses can be creative when it comes to acceleration and growth. The limited time, and resources and lean budgets, you know they result in leaner practices and more collaborative approach to getting a product or service off the ground.


One of the key ways to innovate is through your team. Choose a team that complements your skills

If you want to run an innovative business from the start you need to recognise the strengths in your team giving them the permission and resources to solve problems according to those strengths.

Listen to the video below for another way to innovate as a business

Watch video below


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Watch the video to learn three things to bear in mind if you want to remain innovative

  • Be focussed

  • Be consistent

  • Be flexible







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