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I am sorry to disappoint you but you and I know that there are no magical steps to making a million, even though we see this being advertised everywhere.

I have no doubt people are making the kinds of income they are advertising but it didn’t happen overnight and it doesn't happen for everyone.

There are steps to take if you want to succeed in business and that success is entirely defined by you. Watch the video below where I talk about a few steps you can take when it comes to writing down and taking action on your goals.

You also need.

Clarity - every business needs to be clear on what they are offering and for whom. Having clarity helps you to focus so you are not carried away by every new plan, list or guide that promises results that may not be obtainable at the level you are.

Commitment - stickability and grit are two of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. The journey is long (it can be a heck of a ride, a real adventure indeed) and often arduous so you have to commit to it.

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Consistency - this means showing up, providing great services, products and solutions all the time.

Take the steps, do the work and that first million is not so unattainable after all.

Watch video below