you are the greatest asset in your business - bukky olaleye

Your business is you 

The core of your business is you and when you don't work the business doesn't . It is important to recognise that you are the greatest asset that your business will ever have.

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You need to protect your business greatest asset, you.

When you describe a product or service, you describe what it does for your client, you describe its benefits and how it does it which might be considered the  features.

So you are the most important asset - what is your benefits - features model?.

Do you complete projects within the allotted time and allocated budget?  Are you dependable and committed and durable? Will you last the long haul.

When you don't put your self in best and most optimal frame, your business suffers. Helping you become your best self is what a coach will do for you 

I help my clients manage their brand 

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Build a business that reflects who you are


Go back to basics

You started your business because ? And answer the question. You may have forgotten the real reason and gotten lost in going after the next thing that is being offered in your industry even though it doesn't match your values. I remember why I started in business - it was because I love the ability to create turn an idea into a successful venture. And by gun, I will stick at it till I get there.

Remind yourself of why you went into business and re calibrate if you need to