not the most interesting of blog titles

Except if you are like me and seriously need a second chance. All the time! And I mean it too. .. For instance a second chance at blogging. Several years ago I created a blog, actually two but it soon became such a chore to write that it slowly died a death. Looked with horror the other day and the last time I posted an entry was 2009!

So here's is a chance to redeem myself in the world of blogging. What will be different this time? Well, I am starting a new challenge. Last time I entered a challenge to write a book in 30 days. Yep, I wrote 30,000 words in 26 days. And I have a certificate to prove it too. Granted it wasn't a masterpiece, but that is hardly the point.

My new challenge is to post something everyday. It could be a long narrative or a syllable, but it will be something. Might even be a photograph or video, something really does cover a lot.

So, here is to second chances.....