back to school

I was recently at a friend's birthday party.  We were a group of 'mature' women, and as the conversation turned to university terms starting up, several of us expressed an interest in going back to take a course. No one knew exactly what they would do but we were all connected by that human need to keep learning. I blame September for that, I often feel like I going back to school, to pick up a new skill, improve my sewing, discover and try a new recipe, learn a new language or perhaps the violin. The violin is one of those things I started talking about learning a few months ago but have only gotten as far as learning the parts to it. I think that's a start.

Why do some of us feel the need to keep learning?  I once heard it say that when you keep learning you own the youngest mind. We have  an amazing world to discover, its people and its natural treasures. I think learning brings us closer to them; every skill we pick up will change the dynamics of our relationships; with people we know and those we are yet to meet.  Because as we learn, we change, grow and learn to appreciate more keenly the world and the people in it.

I look forward to learning  the violin someday, especially for the possibilities it will open up for me.