Coffee Cup

I struck up a conversation with the Barista who served me at Costa tonight. Sales were low and so we were able to chat for a full five minutes which enabled me to find out a few things.

She is twenty-one, a third year Bio medical student who started working at Costa when she took a year out of her studies. The year out was to go to Africa and work with animals, her other love, second to wanting to develop vaccines when she graduates. In Africa, she got attacked by a Cheetah, and proudly bears scars 'to show her children'. She got into some adventures involving all sorts of  big animals and she informed me that if you got attacked by a lion, you don't run, you punch it. Next week she is going to Pakistan for a friend's wedding, then her plan is to visit China and India. I found her fascinating; especially as she has experienced so much at such a young age

So, I plan to spend this week finding the interesting, fascinating, and possibly odd in people, places, and things and look forward to discovering gems along the way!