The power of purpose

Today I watched the second part of Oprah Winfrey's 'surprise spectacular. We are several months behind here in the UK. The show was an extravaganza of celebrities who sang, danced and gave speeches in honour of Oprah and her 25 years of her show. Now while she may not be to everyone's taste, this woman's level of influence is undeniable. The people's lives that she had touched and transformed are immeasurable. Her legacy is far reaching. Many gave moving accounts of how she is a single powerful force in the choices they make and the path that they now follow, truly a moving tribute to her.

I thought about myself as I watched this, reminded that I too had been positively influenced by her example. I learnt so much about the human condition through listening to her guests and also to her panel of experts. I particularly enjoyed Dr Phil's no nonsense approach and subconsciously modelled my coaching style on his.

We have watched Oprah grow and develop through the years to become the icon that she is today. Her bravery to share her story, hurts, imperfections and battles and I am sure so many others, the courage to live my best life. If she could do it, warts and all, then I felt I should be able to succeed in my life too.

Most importantly I wanted to be a giving person. I believed passionately in potential and the unique ability of human beings to elevate our lives to meet that potential. Life Coaching stems from that place of recognition, which believes that history, race, sex, or circumstance is not the only determinant of our future. We are.

My desire is is to proclaim this to as many as I can and I have chosen through my business to make it a life message. I thank Oprah