Having good physical and mental health....

I spoke to a friend of mine today, I haven't spoken to her in a long while and coincidentally I had  just been thinking about her. I don't actually believe in coincidences, the idea that  I was thinking of someone and a few hours later they picked up the phone to call me; I know was a God appointment. The full reason for the call I am sure will unfold in time to come. We spoke about a lot of things, among them the fact that I found it increasingly difficult this past week to get up and do the things I was accustomed to. I would get ready for the day in the morning but one o clock would find me still pottering about the house; just having had breakfast, reading the news from yet another newly downloaded News app on my phone, or catching an hour of Oprah.

We got talking about 'the blues' the lack of 'get up and go' that we experience sometimes, but also about recognising when or if it is more and we need additional support, whether from friends or family or maybe a professional.

This got me thinking about how we expect to have bad physical health; a cold, an infection, a headache, stomach ache but are not too accommodating of a less than perfect mental health. It got me thinking  that I want to learn more,  for my own sake. For as I learn what I need to help my body function well and ward off disease or ill-health, I need to know what I can do to maintain  good mental health.