Falling off the wagon

As much as we want to commit to reach a goal, some of us will invariably step off the mark, make a mistake or fall off the wagon.  Making a goal to do something  means we are choosing not to do something else. We are moving forward, and leaving something behind. The goal to lose weight means we are no longer are satisfied with our body or health or both. The goal to stop smoking, drinking or indulging in other type of addictive behaviour means we no longer want to harm ourselves and perhaps those close to us.The goal to achieve financial independence means we no longer want to live poor. The list goes on.

Reaching a goal is a training of the mind; to rid it off the thought processes that got us the results we previously had, but also to condition us to make better choices. We may occasionally slip up but that is because the mind is still in training. Like with physical exercise, unused muscles get better as we put the work in.

The sooner we recognize that reaching our goal is a process, the sooner we can carry on making right decisions and the easier it becomes to stay on the wagon.