People Watching

Sitting at the local leisure centre, watching lifeguards and little children at the pool, and parents ordering fish and chips at the cafe while they wait, I am curious about their lives. I think up questions as I observe them, wanting to piece together a back story. The gentleman in a shirt looks oddly out of place. Is he here for a job interview? There is the teenager that's sitting with two little girls asking them what school they will go when older; is she a paid babysitter or a willing family member? One dad sits on his own, staring at not much at all. What is he thinking?

Obviously I don't know any of these answers, but it's fun all the same. Everybody in there comes with a story, laughter, grief, sadness and joy.

I look forward to next time, I may be able to discover more about the people there. I might strike up a conversation, maybe even ask a question instead of just thinking it.