The joy of creativity

I was talking to a friend recently about the joys of creativity. This is because I was telling her of my plan to get involved with the National Novel Writing Month this November, and how I would like a bunch of friends to join me in the challenge. I did this a few years ago when I wrote a book called....wait for it.....November! Yes, I thought it very apt.  Anyway, this book came about at a  meal with friends where I mentioned the idea and they encouraged me to take on the challenge, but they actually also provided me with the characters for the book.

I remember the time well;  first of all I started late so my daily word count had to be increased and there were days I couldn't write so that increased the word count even more. I started with five characters but a couple of weeks into the process, I couldn't flesh two of them out, so ended up with three. Which meant I needed to take a different look at the interaction between the three remaining characters, so the story could still work!

As I talked animatedly to this friend about the creative process, I felt energized, ready to commit to another month of exhilaration, stress and yes,  joy! It also made me think of the process of writing my coaching book Plan Your Life. Now that was a different process altogether. First it didn't take a month. It took two years from writing to publishing.  Although a relatively small book, the content changed as I did, new clients provided more insight, the desire to write a book that was not just for information but immediate implementation meant several edits.

However at the end of that process, I am still enamored by the creative process; whether in writing a novel or a How to book. I look forward to November. So, who is joining me?