Why write? Right?

That's what someone said to me once, 'why write'?   There are so many writers, unfinished manuscripts,  unsold and unread books out there, why add another? To that comment I thought 'balderdash, hogwash, twaddle, nonsense, rubbish, flimflam and indeed piffle. The last word was accompanied by a suitably raised incredulous eyebrow.  Instead, I responded - 'you write because you MUST!'

Perhaps I only speak for myself. I started this blog in September.  At the time, I had experienced certain personal challenges, and writing kept me anchored.  The goal was to write something, anything, each day  - it didn't always happen. But, I needed it as a parched man needs water;  writing was my lifeline.  Ok, I know that sounds a bit dramatic;  but it definitely provided much-needed expression for my thoughts as well as experiences.

The reality is people write for a variety of reasons;  imagine you pick up a book and there is just one idea that literally makes a difference to your life, or a book that is so rich with characters and storytelling that you are transfixed by the beauty of creation, or a piece that is so incredibly funny, you laugh so hard and so long that  you recognise how great your life actually is.

I believe the seed of a book that resides in a writer is quite capable of transforming lives,  at the very least, their own.   So, we write because we must.