Let the countdown begin

A few friends and I (including my brave niece who is a juggling life as a Consultant Pathologist in a huge hospital, wife and mother of two little ones!) have decided to have a  go at this writing lark. Today is the first of November, the start of  thirty days of fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Those are the organisers' words by the way, not mine.  It was certainly a 'seat of your pants' experience when I first did it a few years ago, but I feel I must qualify the word fun.

Is it fun to stare at the computer or  notebook (I mean for long hand, not the junior PC) when you have only written 1,000 of your  daily requirement of 1,667 and you feel you have nothing else?  Yes it is,  when you look out the window or spot an object or tap into a memory that releases a fresh spurt of inspiration and you can carry on.

Is it fun when you are writing this blog, it's the first day and you have no idea what your novel is going to be about? Yes it is, when you remember the creative process is about discovery, the unknown, and how it eventually all comes together.

Besides as I write this, it won't be November the 1st yet in many time zones, I have time.  So I say, bring it on.....