My brother, my hero

My brother is one of the most intelligent people I know.   He is almost at par with my dad; now that is a man with whom you can not win an argument. My brother has been a constant in my life.  He has taught me many things; about love, generosity, kindness, the beauty of humanity and the dangers of illegal substances. I also attribute a lot of firsts to him, for instance:

At 14, he taught me how to drive. I remember it well.  It was his Volkswagen Beetle, and I was excited to be one of the few in my class, if not the only one, to be able to drive around town after our final exams.

At 21, he took me to a club for my birthday party. It was my first time (yes, I was late starter) and it was a wonderful experience.

The same year he gave me a job at his gift shop. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, including taking stock, balancing  books, displaying products and meeting  customers. This experience, I believe is the most important determining factor to my being in business today.

Now, my brother's life has not been without challenge.  In fact, he has faced situations which many others would have buckled under. Yet, he continues to defy nature and overcome them, but also make time to do an all important job; be my hero.