Sattelite Navigation System

I took a wrong turn.  And before I knew it, I had taken another two wrong turns and was getting increasingly late for my appointment. As I kept taking other turns to try to get back on track, I thought about my Sat Nav and that habit (sometimes annoying one) it has of repeating directions that, frankly I may have just deliberately ignored!  I mean, sometimes I have a better idea of which route I want to take and it's not the one its taking me through. Do you ever feel like that?

Anyhow, if you ignore the Sat Nav long enough, it automatically adjusts itself and re routes your journey. You still get to where you are going, eventually. It may take longer than anticipated, but that's beside the point!

So life's a bit like that, you might take a series of wrong turns but if you are resolute about getting to your destination, no matter how long it takes, how often you detour, you can adjust and re route your life.  So, go back in the direction you were headed, as you  make the conscious decision to reach and achieve your goal.

And while taking that looooooooong journey back, make sure to enjoy the scenery.