It's the end of the month

I was determined to meet my challenge of a 50,000 word novel this month. I tried really hard, but didn't get to the required word count.  The last few days was made worse by the fact that I got a virus on my laptop which saw me spending hours poring through forums and YouTube videos on how to sort out my BSOD (Blue Screen of Death!)  I love the internet; there is almost nothing that you can't learn. Anyway, I haven't managed to retrieve all my documents, including the novel.  And while that might sound to you like a digital version of 'the dog ate my homework' excuse, it is true all the same!  I am going to search more forums and videos for a way to recover my documents, but that does not help this particular challenge, as today is the end of the month.

When I do find it, I will finish it, mainly to maintain my own personal integrity i.e  finish what I started, but also to prove to all virus (or any other distraction) I won't be beaten. This novel WILL be finished!!