In review

In the New Year, I want to make a more considered effort to journal. It is always affirming, I think, to find notes, comments, thoughts, feelings that we have written down in the past and be able to see how much we have changed or grown. It is also good to help locate where we are, such that we may know where we are going. Well, today I came across an old notebook of mine from 2007 and I found some lovely 'gems' which I had written:

'In order for a person to experience happiness, fulfilment and peace, they need to know two things: who they are and who they are meant to be'

'Don't be a victim of circumstance, instead examine your circumstances, evaluate their usefulness and then use them as a blueprint for how you would build your life'

'What other people think of or say about me must not influence what I know to be true about myself. To doubt myself because of others would be to hand over my power to them'

Sometimes, we just need reminding of somethings. Merry Christmas!