My life. My pulpit

During a recent conversation with my sister, she spoke such true and profound things about life, I felt immediately uplifted. We were talking about the fact that all of us have a voice or platform and speaking with influence is not just the purview of religious preachers or political leaders. Each of our individual lives speak. The question for you is this: what is your life saying? What are you communicating to others? In business you might consider your personal brand, and how that reflects in the business. Is it speaking of delivering value, great products or services? At work, does your life speak of your professionalism, integrity or commitment? And is your personal life speaking of loving friends, excellent health and a great lifestyle?

The question for me is this: what are you hearing from my life, and how can I communicate to you more effectively? My goal this year is make my message (life) come across with clarity, consistency and candour. Let the preaching begin.