Mood contagion

I came across an article about the different ways our emotions are influenced by other people and that got me thinking.   Apparently  we are sensitisers, senders or repressors,  i.e in terms of our emotional personalities.  See if you can identify which one you are and more importantly (at least for me) how other people affect your moods and ultimately some of  your decisions. Sensitisers: empathetic and sensitive, prone to picking up the mood of others, finding themselves hostage to the emotion of others. Sensitisers, in the company of some people,  may feel animated one moment and depressed the next, soaking up the emotional content of the situation.

Senders: extrovert, outgoing and charismatic, they tend to transmit their emotions to others, drawing them into their emotional orbit. While senders can be exhilarating people,  they can also pass on negative emotions.

Repressors:  a third mood personality, they tend to shut themselves off from their emotions and those of others. Repressors may display a lack of concern which could also be due to the fear that they might care too much.

I, like everyone else, and to varying degrees,  pick up and pass on moods. However, this information about the different mood personalities is  helpful, as it teaches me how to better regulate my own moods or emotion, particularly as I relate to others.

Understanding the different types of mood personalities also helps me work through a concept I learnt recently; the art of 'budgeting' our emotions. As we understand ourselves better, and recognise our emotional triggers, we can decide how long, if at all we will allow ourselves to be negatively affected by a person or circumstance.

Each day, I  'budget' my emotions, trying to ensure that I only indulge in those that serve me and help me reach my goals, while the others become extraneous.

What is your mood personality?