Where are you?

Many reading this will be familiar with the bible passage that describes the story of Adam and Eve who after they had disobeyed God became as it were 'naked' and hid. God called on Adam and asked  "where are you''?  Clearly He knew where they were, so the question must have been for their benefit.

'Where are you?' is a great question to ask.  It locates you. Imagine someone close to you asking the question. They know you are not there, they just want you to be aware of it too.  Imagine this in every area of  your life; personal, professional or business. Your spouse, friends, family, your co workers, manager, your staff, even your clients want to know where you have gone. You are physically there, but not fully present. You know what I mean?
Where are you today, as you read this? Are you living a full, passionate life in which you are true to your purpose? Are you being authentically yourself?  Are you aware of the great relationships around you? Are you embracing the life in front of you?  Are you HERE?