In the company of giants

I spent the weekend in the company of giants. First there was the team of creative, artistic, and passionate story tellers who are behind the project: their desire is to change the world one story at a time....

Then there were the beautiful and inspiring young women:

the medical student, photographer, runner and powerful advocate of neglected children and young people across the world

the artist who uses her skill (and patience) to build up the self esteem of young people who are often from challenging home situations

the lawyer whose passion for justice extends into helping provide potentially life changing training for women in under developed communities

the teacher who looks into and beyond the eyes of the children in her class; and is motivated to go across the world to provide hope for children who desperately need it

the business owner who is passionate about changing the landscape of youth disaffection and unemployment by providing job opportunities

These young women are taking part in a film inspired by International Women's Day 2012 theme: 'connecting girls, inspiring futures.'

With their lives, these women are inspiring others to live better lives.

I am in awe.

Look out for the film debut at the WomanInc event in May.