An ode to sisters

My sisters are beautiful, inside out. They make me laugh, encourage me to be my best, prop me up when I am faltering and are fun to be around. The best thing about them is they remind (or tell me) about qualities in myself that are forgotten or are yet to be recognised. Once, one of them described me as a determined person. That's not how I see myself: particularly when I have given up on something: a healthy lifestyle plan, a diet (and yes I know they don't work), a project, a business idea, a dream..... Knowing that someone believes in my resilience keeps me going. My sisters not only help me get back on track but with renewed inspiration and greater insight.

I have sisters that I am related to by blood and many others that life has brought along the way. Each offers a unique gift of support, joy, family, friendship, nurture, wisdom and life lessons. I am so much better for knowing them.

I think sisters make the world go round....and if you have amazing sisters like I do, make sure to tell them. Or be a 'sister', someone needs you.