Bon Voyage

Sitting at the airport waitingfor a flight is, in my experience, one of the best times to contemplate, and to people watch of course. Anyway not having written a blog post in a while, I figure waiting an hour for the gate is an opportune moment.

Earlier today, I read a quote by a 'success guru' who when asked what the secret to success is responded with something along these lines ' keep your eyes up and keep your spirit from the gutter'. Well, that second bit caused such an immediate visceral reaction in me as I considered the smells, sounds, and feelings of a sprit in a gutter.

I imagined the sadness, despondency, dampness, darkness, staleness, pungent bad odours and debris, among other things. Perhaps a bit graphic, but it helped me 'see' what he meant.

The expression 'keep your spirit up' took on new meaning as I thought how important it is for my success (and you may relate to this also.....) to keep my spirit free of all gutter-like places or experiences.

To our continued success in life!