To love and sacrifice

My mother has a Masters degree in International Studies and I have often wondered how different our lives could have been if she had chosen to pursue a career in that field. As it was, the life of a diplomat didn't fit in with hers, of wife and mother to five children. I am sure you know of many people who put their dreams and plans second to family; perhaps you too have made many sacrifices or had a parent who made sacrifices for you. Well, it turns out life is really great when we choose to recognise the gift in those sacrifices! For the person making the sacrifice and to the beneficiary, much is to be gained.

My mum told me she studied International studies to learn more about other people, their way of life, and discover what could be adopted into ones way of life. That speaks to me of a big heart, which wants to grow beyond its immediate world to see value in and include others outside it.

Despite her 'sacrifice', mum went on to do amazing things which others will continue to acknowledge for years to come, particularly in the field of education. This is the gift she gave me: a passion for discovering potential in everyone and a desire to help all who want to realise that potential. Her legacy lives not in the offices of the diplomatic corps but in the lives and hearts of her children and students who for love of sacrifice are playing their part in making the world better.

Live your life worthy of the sacrifices made for you.