Know thy self

If you don’t know who you are you can not know who you want to become..... Sounds obvious but it is amazing how we go through and conduct our lives without truly knowing this. Ask yourself the questions,

who am I, and

who do I really want to be? Are the answers the same?

Answering these key questions could take as long as a couple of minutes to a couple of months. It depends on well you are in tune with yourself.

How can we truly know ourselves? It can only be by taking a self inventory. What do I like? What makes me happy? What would get me up in the morning if all I really felt like is staying in bed? In other words what motivates me? What would I like to achieve in life? Who would I like to have around me?

These are questions that should hopefully get you thinking.

Sometimes when we answer these questions we need someone to reflect back.  Find someone you trust who can tell you things about yourself that probably you have never thought about. Other people can 'see' us better than we can. Obviously be selective about this. Only accept the views that resonate or  'sit right' with you. People may have good intentions, but you do not want to be typecast or put in a mould that you would then struggle to break free of.  Choose those who want the best for you!

However you do this, be committed to the process - for I agree with Socrates  'a life unexamined is not worth living'