today ed
today ed

I would say I have a 'to do' list that is as long as my arm, except I don't think my arm is long enough.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? When you have so much to do and frankly not enough motivation to do it. As I am sure you are aware, it is never an issue of having enough time, we would make the time to do what we are motivated to do.

So as today slowly seeps away from me, I have to 'coach' myself and examine what is hindering my flow, and stopping me from getting my 'to do' list done. Here is what I have come up with

I must BE HONEST and stop doing the fun, 'easy' stuff. For instance, on my list is 'create some marketing material', so I am attempting to design a  flyer. Designing a flyer is not high on my skill set..........I know this, but I am still knee-deep searching for the perfect font.

I must BE REALISTIC and do first things first. Brian Tracy calls it 'Eat that Frog', yum?  I need to identify my HPA: the high performing activities which when done give me the best chance of achieving my goal. Do the critical stuff, not the inessential.

I must DO and REVIEW my list. This means I must stop writing and re writing my list in different colours, on different shaped post its, or underlining them for emphasis. Instead, I will just action them and review as I go along.

Perhaps that way, the list can fit quite nicely on my hand.