You just never know.....


It would appear I have an obsession. With benches

One of my nieces asked me, 'why the obsession with benches?' as I point the camera to yet another empty one. I told her I think benches are great pieces of story telling.
You see we never quite know who sat in a particular bench, or who they spoke to.
Did they meet someone with whom they struck up a conversation, or even develop a relationship or friendship that lasted years?
Or did they share the bench with another person, not speaking or connecting - merely centimeters and yet, worlds apart?
Or what happened to them - did they get up from that bench and life carried on as normal or did they walk away and find great fortune, causing them to succeed in life, beyond their wildest expectation?
Or did ill fortune strike and they returned to the bench with a blanket- the only place they could get some sleep?
You see, benches can be a temporary place of rest, from shopping or sight seeing;  they could be the citadel of a great idea, where a book was birthed; or a place where one experienced a pivotal shift in their life, even met a very important person.
Benches are interesting pieces of furniture when you actually stop to think about what may have happened or who might have sat there.
Next time you go past a bench, imagine what stories it has to tell you. You just never know.