Saturday Workshop - the new way to do business. 

Own your time, use your creativity, live your your own boss. This is the ONLY program you need to learn and to TAKE the specific steps to make it happen. 


Saturday Workshop is synonymous with carving out an hour, a day, a week to create a successful business and a life you love.... This course is for women who want to start or build their business. 

Whether you are in full time employment and need to maximise the little free time you have or you have started and want to be productive and profitable, this course is for you. Start with answering some questions:

When is YOUR Saturday?

Nobody has extra time, you can however decide that you are worth taking the time and dedicating it to start or build a successful business 

How do you want to build your business?

Here is where you get the relevant information, learn the specific steps and take action to build your business

What legacy do you want to create?

Connect with your why. For every successful business there is a compelling reason at its very core. What is yours?