What we cover

Each month we focus on an area of business that is the most relevant to your business - leave out all the fluff and concentrate on the necessary stuff. Get a grip on strategies that work for you and your business..



A team really does make a business. Develop your customer persona, build partnerships, find collaborators and know your competitors. Your 'team' will have external or internal impact on your business: learn the art of motivating, managing, and maintaining momentum with people.



Discover different ways to fund your business that works for the stage you are in. We talk all things sales: forecasts, strategies, funnels, leads, conversions, up-sell, cross-sell, life cycles. Increase your sales with a practical profitability plan.



Your businesses will stall unless people know who and where you are. Make it easy for your customers to find you. Learn design thinking, employ lean practices to marketing and run your business. Learn branding and the power of a story.